Electrical Connection Temperature Monitoring System Manages Risk 24/7 Using a New Concept That Levers Optical Loop Integrity

Electrical Connection Temperature Monitoring System Manages Risk 24/7 Using a New Concept That Levers Optical Loop Integrity

Inspection of electrical contacts and connections in a plant across the globe is performed every day to manage the risk of unplanned outages and costly damage to electrical assets.These inspections are necessary due to the natural degradation of contact surfaces, vibration, incorrect assembly stress relaxation of bolted joints. NFPA 70B suggests an annual routine for infrared inspections for many installations found in industry. PyrOptic has now completely changed the way the risk of electrical connection failure can be managed by applying a totally new concept that presents unprecedented scalability, economy, versatility and reliability. PyrOptic is suitable for mass deployment throughout electrical equipment and the distribution systems. A PyrOptic system consists of one or more PyrOnodes. These PyrOnodes are linked by a continuous length of plastic fiber optic (POF). The temperature is monitored at each PyrOnode and should the temperature threshold be exceeded the fiber optic loop integrity is compromised, providing feedback of the developing problem. In order to monitor the loop integrity a fiber optic amplifier relay is used. However, loop integrity can also be checked by simply shining a visible light source on one end of the optical loop and observing its presence on the other. This way, one can monitor one to literally hundreds of connections on a single loop.

The activation temperature generally ranges from 60 to 105°C. The advantage of PyrOptic over other systems is the inherent simplicity that leads to fundamental system reliability, low cost and scalability. PyrOptic is also incredibly versatile due to its small size and sealed, rugged design allowing installation in restricted locations and even in oil filled equipment. PyrOptic leverages the mechanism of permanent disruption to virtually eliminate all connections in the detection system itself, further improving reliability, a key strength for managing the risk of uncommon yet hazardous events. PyrOptic provides the most scalable system that enables comprehensive 24/7 coverage of your electrical assets. Analog solutions are generally unable to provide such comprehensive coverage due to prohibitive implementation cost. The additional complexity also increases the risk of failure, there is nothing worse than spending more time fixing the monitoring system that the problems it detect. Unfortunately this is all likely to lead to additional lifecycle headaches and costs. Rather than adapting an off the shelf temperature sensor to address this issue, PyrOptic looked at the problem differently, recognised that analogue temperature monitoring is largely unnecessary in the vast majority of applications. By adopting a continuous optical loop, incredible economy and reliability is obtained over the lifetime of the monitored asset. The use of high temperature POF with Nylon 12 outer jacket enables system installation in oil filled environments. The POF can be applied directly to live electrical components at most common voltages. In high voltage applications lenses can be used to create air gaps in the optical loop. The same lenses can also be used to enable loop continuity check between stationary and moving equipment.

PyrOptic offers the most reliable, economical and distrubutable fiber optic temperature alarm for electrical connections in the market. Our PyrOptic system consists of one or more PyrOnodes linked by a continuous length of plastic fiber optic (POF).To know more info please visit our website at http://www.pyroptic.com/




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